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If you need a professional plumbing service for a major project then email our team at B&N Building in London. Enquire today.

Our plumbing service at B&N Building can handle the big jobs

Time to upgrade?

With the continued rise in energy prices, it’s a solid bet that energy-efficient electrical solutions are at the top of your agenda. What does that mean? It could mean the installation of new, energy-efficient boiler to help you put a dent in those bills. It could also mean the creation of a new underfloor heating system or the repair of an existing boiler issue. Whatever the remit, you need a capable plumbing team who have got the skills, the experience and the equipment to oversee any plumbing project. You need a team like B&N Building.

Why B&N Building?

  • For home and business owners

  • Range of services provided

  • Quality work

  • Brilliant customer service

  • 20 years’ experience

  • Full insurance coverage

A professional plumbing team

Our domestic and commercial plumbing service incorporates a range of the work, from the design and installation of a new central heating system to a targeted repair of an existing boiler. We’re well known for our customer care and quality work, and it’s only through the 20 years of continued experience and commitment to quality that we’ve enjoyed so much continued success over the years. We’re more than willing to provide guidance should you need any and we’re fully insured too for your peace of mind. Enquire today.

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Interior of modern luxury kitchen in private residence

Solve that plumbing problem with B&N Building – contact us today

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