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If you need a specialist drylining service then our building team at B&N Building in London can provide the solution. We work across the area, enquire today.

Our drylining service makes decorating that much faster

The same results but without delays

A wet plaster approach to plastering has its drawbacks, the biggest being the time taken to dry. It can slow projects down which is why we consistently adopt a drylining approach. With drylining, we attach a plasterboard to the wall, meaning a smooth and dry wall finish from the get-go. And that means the decorating can be started straightaway and progress continued when it comes to the overall project. Make it simpler with B&N Building.

Why B&N Building?

  • Family-run business

  • 20 years' experience

  • Quality customer service

  • Reliable team

  • Extensive knowledge

  • Full insurance coverage

  • Great results

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For a professional drylining service, email our team at B&N Building today

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