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If damp is threatening your property then it’s time for a professional damp proof course from B&N Building in London. To enquire, contact us today.

Our damp proofing specialists can protect your property from any excess moisture

Have you noticed the signs?

Damp will tell you if it’s there. It’ll be in the peel of any wallpaper, the disintegration of a plastered wall, the excess moisture on a window … it takes effect in many ways. And the longer you leave it, the more that damp takes hold. Leave it long enough and the very integrity of your property may be at risk. The trick is to contact a professional team who can damp proof your property and help protect it from any ingress. That’s where our team at B&N Building can make a difference.

Why B&N Building?

  • Comprehensive service

  • Established techniques

  • Full diagnosis and treatment approach

  • 20 years’ experience

  • Full insurance coverage

The only damp proofing service you need

Our comprehensive damp proofing course harnesses tried and tested techniques to combat any moisture ingress and prevent it from entering the internal structure of your property. What we provide is both a domestic and commercial-grade damp proof solution, with the first priority being to isolate the cause of the damp issue and gauge the kind of treatment that would work best in terms of fighting it. Our family-run team at B&N Building are just the people you need. We combine a first-rate service with over 20 years of industry experience, not to mention full public liability insurance. You’re in professional hands with B&N Building, get in touch today.

Mold and moisture buildup on wall of a modern house
Interior of modern luxury kitchen in private residence

It’s time to stop that damp – email our team at B&N Building to get the process started

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