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If you want a bespoke wardrobe built for your property then speak to our team at B&N Building in London. We can create just what you need.

Our fitted wardrobe design and build service always means the perfect wardrobe

Ready-made isn’t purpose-built

Ready-made wardrobes have their problems. Their defined dimensions can mean an inefficient use of available space, meaning big gaps on either side or between the wardrobe and the ceiling. And then there’s the interior of the wardrobe too. What if you don’t have enough shelves? What if they’re too big or too small? The look of the wardrobe may alter the entire aesthetic of your room. And if the layout of your room is unconventional, you might have to place that wardrobe where it can be placed, irrespective of whatever else you have in that room. All of this isn’t a problem with a bespoke solution. You can have it made so that no space is lost, so that you have the right number of shelves in the right dimensions, so that it looks in keeping with your room and is a fluid part of it. It’s what we can bring to the equation here at B&N Building.

Why B&N Building?

  • Bespoke joinery service

  • Full design and build

  • Finest workmanship

  • 100% made-to-measure

  • Highly rated joinery team

  • 20 years’ industry experience

A complete end-to-end wardrobe build service

Our family-run building firm is known for the skill we have when it comes to bespoke joinery work and that’s no less the case with wardrobe design. We can design a wardrobe that meets your every specification, whether it’s for your home or even your business premises. What’s promised – and what we routinely deliver – is a finished product that meets the highest standard of workmanship, all made-to-measure using tried and tested joinery techniques. It’s the kind of that service that’s earned us a steady 4.9/5 rating on So get in touch and let us know what you’re looking to do. We’re happy to provide advice if it’ll help you and with over 20 years in the industry, you can depend on B&N Building to do what’s required.

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The ideal wardrobe for you and your needs is what’s on offer with B&N Building. Enquire today by emailing our team directly

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